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                                           Scooterseals Price Increases Coming on May 1, 2018

I sell in US$ and give all quotes in US$ because the US$ is still the predominant currency used for international transactions in much of the world. Unfortunately the US$ dropped  over 10% in value in 2017, and is continuing its downward trend.

I have kept my pricing very stable over the past six years and have absorbed increased costs wherever possible but this is a problem I have not encountered before at Scooterseals.  Reluctantly, I will be forced to raise all of my pricing by 10% on May 1, 2018.  I sincerely hope that dollar stability returns because this situation is good for neither buyer nor seller

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We source and supply motorcycle and scooter parts and accessories for many popular SYM scooters and motorcycles.  Family owned motorcycle parts business in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.  We ship to customers around the globe.

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