Scooters was run for seven years as a parts sourcing service by Cam Purvis in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Upon retirement in late 2018 he shut it down but kept getting email so Scooterseals was retructured.  It re-opened in March 2019 as a much scaled-down site offering a selection of commonly requested parts for the SYM Wolf Classic only.

This is a photo of Hsinchu's restored East Gate.  It is located downtown in the middle of the traffic circle. The other three gates are long gone.  Hsin-chu means 'near bamboo'.  It has been settled since the mid 1600's, was once a rice farming village and is now the home of much of Taiwan's high-tech industry. The local Science Industrial Park employs over 75,000 engineers.  Other industrial parks abound within 60 km. of Hsinchu City.  

No, it's not high-tech, and its praises are definitely unsung, but these  robust, gas powered, rice-paddy cultivators are still used by many small farmers to help produce the food that feeds a nation. 

Photo credit: Murray Purvis, Hsinchu City

Photo credit: Clark Lake   http://kelake.org