SYM Wolf Stator 31120-B38-010  US$144.87 + Shipping
SYM Wolf  Stator Screws 93600-06014-OH (6x14mm)   US$0.83 each + shipping

SYM Wolf Brake Lever 
53175-B3D-000  US$13.44 each + Shipping


SYM Wolf 240 mm Brake Rotor
240 mm rotor  45121-S08-800 US$124.17 each + Shipping
Note: Measure outside diameter of your existing rotor before ordering

SYM Wolf Front Disk Brake Pads
45105-M47-009-A  US$12.32 per set + Shipping

SYM Wolf Side Stand 50530-B3D-000  US$10.35 + shipping
SYM Wolf Side Stand Spring 50542-M69-000  US$3.25 + shipping
SYM Wolf Side Stand Bolt  90108-N01-000  US$2.70 + shipping


SYM Wolf  Speedo/Tach Assy.
Note: Speedo available in Km/Hr only 
US$268.88 + Shipping  

Tach. Comp available separately
37400-B3U-000  US$129.36 + Shipping
Speedo (Km/Hr only)available separately
37200-B3U-000 US$124.16 + Shipping 
Chrome Mounting Bracket available separately 
US$48.63 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Chromed  Tach. Case  
39001-B3U-110  US$29.70 + shipping

SYM Wolf Chromed Speedo. Case 39001-B3U-100  US$29.70 + shipping

5.  SYM Wolf Classic Brake Pedal and Footpeg Area Parts

 SYM Wolf Kickstart Arm Ass'y. 28300-B08-010   US$41.38 + shipping
 SYM Wolf Gearshift Spindle Ass'y.  US$33.11 + shipping

SYM Wolf Main Stand 50500-B3T-000  US$43.47 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Spring 50522-M69-000  US$3.10 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Spring Hook 50523-M69-000 US$3.10 +Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Distance Collar 50526-B04-000  US$11.37 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Pivot Bolt 50526-M69-000 US$11.37 + shipping
SYM Wolf Self-Locking Pivot Bolt Nut  90306-M9Q-000 US$4.14 + shipping      

3.  SYM Wolf Classic Front Wheel & Disk Brake Area Parts


  7.  Engine Top-End Area Parts

  ​8.  Rear Wheel Area Parts
  9.  Fuel System Area Parts
10.  Body Panel Area Parts
11.  Electrical Area Parts

SYM Wolf Oil Drain Plug with Washer  

92800-12000 Drain plug bolt 12 mm +94109-12000 Drain plug washer

US$4.18 each + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Brake Lever Rubber Cover  

53172-N09-000  US$2.75 + Shipping                 

Rubber Plugs for Hex Head Fork Screws
51426-B3D-000 US$2.59 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Brake Lever Bolt 
90114-166-0060   US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rubber Fork Boots
51445-B3U-000   US$15.52 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf LHS Rear Mirror

88120-B3U-000 US$60.16 +Shipping

SYM Wolf RHS Rear Mirror

88110-B3U-000 US$60.16 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Oil Screen
15421-B9D-000   US$4.18 + Shipping 

SYM  Wolf Chromed Steel Front Rim  

US$71.40 + shipping

SYM Wolf Classic Grips
53166-N02-000 Left  US$6.60 + Shipping 
53140-N02-000 Right  US$7.94 + Shipping 
Set US$15.34 + Shipping  

SYM Wolf  Headlight Ear
Complete with top and bottom rubber bushings.
51606-B3D-0002 Left
51602-B3D-0002 Right.   
US$22.90 each + Shipping 

Note: Unlike N. American models, the Taiwan ears do not accept a reflector.  Most countries don't use those reflectors.

Ears: US$18.50 each + Shipping
Rubber Bushings: US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Ignition Switch Ass’y
35100-B3D-000 main switch US$42.35 + Shipping

To place an order or to request a quote with shipping  options and 

rates please use the CONTACT button or email:

53172-B3U-000   US$13.15 + Shipping

SYM Wolf  Clutch Lever Switch  

35330-S02-000  US$8.27 + shipping

SYM  Wolf Clutch Lever

53190-B3U-000  US$18.62 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Clutch Lever Bolt
90136-107-720   US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Classic Clutch Lever Rubber Cover 
53179-N01-000   US$2.75 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fork Seals 33 x 45 x 10
Be careful that you do not damage the thin, stock wire-spring retainer while removing your old seals.  Clean the area well before removing that retainer.
US$13.20 per pair + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Handlebar End Weights
These stock SYM 125/150 Wolf bar end weights each have a mass of 292 grams
 (10.3 oz.).  They are great for dressing up your handlebars and will fit inside any stock 7/8 inch motorcycle or scooter handlebars. 
53104-B3U-000  US$45.54 per pair + Shipping

1.  Headlight, Speedo Tach Area Parts
2.  Handlebar and Switch Area Parts
3.  Front Wheel and Disk Brake Area Parts
4.  Front Fork Area Parts
5.  Brake Pedal / Footpeg Area Parts

6.  Engine Bottom-End Area Parts

SYM Wolf Headlight Case
USS$43.46 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Chromed Steering Head Nut
90304-011-0002 US$5.68 each + Shipping
Washer that sits below nut (not pictured)
90503-011-000  US$0.42 each 

4.  SYM Wolf Classic Front Fork Area Parts

SYM Wolf Front Spoke Set

US$41.60 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Footpeg Bar 50610-B3U-000 US$42.74 + Shipping
SYM  Wolf Footpeg Rubbers 50661-B08-000  US$4.58 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Left Handle Switch

35250-B3D-010      US$38.28 + Shipping

SYM WOLF Chromed Front Fender
6110A-B3D-000  US$118.99  + Shipping

1.  SYM Wolf Classic Headlight, Speedo, Tach, Front Signal Area Parts

SYM Wolf Clutch Kit
5 friction disks + 1 r.h.s. cover gasket   US$40.37 + Shipping 
SYM Wolf Friction Disk Set (5 pieces) 22201-107-000-A US$35.20 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf R. Crankcase Cover Gasket 11393-B04-001 US$5.17 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Front Signal Lights
Stock equipment on Taiwan Wolf. Fit all Wolf Classic bikes.  
Short stalk, clear lense and orange bulb.
33450-B4H-000 Left
33400-B4H-000 Right
US$36.21 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf R.H.S. Front Fork  
51400-B3D-000 US$206.95 + Shipping

SYM Wolf L.H.S. Front Fork  
51500-B3D-000  US$206.95 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Steering Stem
53200-N09-600-KB (BU282S) US$70.37 + Shipping

​​​SYM Wolf L.H.S. Crankcase Cover 11341-B3D-000 US$110.53 + Shipping
SYM Wolf L.H.S. Cover Flange Bolts 96001-06032-00 6x32  US$1.10 each
SYM Wolf L.H.S. Cover Flange Bolt 96001-06050-00 6x50  US$1.10
SYM Wolf  L.H.S. Cover Gasket 11395-S04-000  US$4.17 + shipping

SYM Wolf Rubber Plugs for Clip-on Bars Positioning Screws          53102-B3U-000   US$1.05 each + Shipping

We can supply just about any part your SYM Wolf Classic 125/150 will ever need--far too many to list on a website.  Tell us what you need and we'll get it to you.  Many parts are listed below. Contact cam@ to enquire about  pricing for parts not listed here and for shipping quotes.  

Note: Part numbers shown are standard SYM Taiwan part numbers.   

SYM Wolf Headlight Assy. (No case)
USS$90.02 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Main Switch Holder

50375-B3D-000  US$14.54 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Right Handle Switch
35150-B3D-010      US$38.28 + Shipping

6.  SYM Wolf Engine Bottom-End Area Parts

2.  SYM Wolf Classic Handlebar & Switch Area Parts

SYM WOLF Headlight Unit 
(No case. Reflector, lense and chrome headlight rim only)

USS$54.32 + Shipping

SYM WOLF DIPSTICK 1565A-B06-000  US$4.40 each + Shipping  

SYM Wolf Master Cylinder Assy. 
45500-B3D-000  US$137.63 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Pedal US$28.22 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Stop Switch 35350-324-880  US$7.52 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Stop Switch Spring 35357-M69-000 US$1.42 + Shipping

SYM Wolf 290 mm Brake Rotor
290 mm rotor  45121-S08-800 US$134.53 + Shipping

Note: Measure outside diameter of your existing rotor before ordering

SYM Wolf Cables

Throttle Cables:

Stock throttle cable (for Wolf with clip-on bars)  17910-B3D-020 US$12.10 each + Shipping
+ 2" throttle cable
 17910-B12-010 US$12.10 each + Shipping

Clutch Cables:
Stock clutch cable (for Wolf with clip-on bars) 
22870-B3U-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
+2" (+50mm) clutch cable  
22870-B3D-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
+6" (150mm) clutch cable  22870-S07-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
Other Cables:
Choke cable  17950-B2A-600 US$13.20 each + Shipping

Speedo Cable 44830-M47-000  US$12.21 + Shipping