SYM Wolf Side Stand 50530-B3D-000  US$10.35 + shipping
SYM Wolf Side Stand Spring 50542-M69-000  US$3.25 + shipping
SYM Wolf Side Stand Bolt  90108-N01-000  US$2.70 + shipping


SYM Wolf  Speedo/Tach Assy.
Note: Speedo available in Km/Hr only 
US$268.88 + Shipping  

Tach. Comp available separately
37400-B3U-000  US$129.36 + Shipping
Speedo (Km/Hr only)available separately
37200-B3U-000 US$124.16 + Shipping 
Chrome Mounting Bracket available separately 
US$48.63 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Chromed  Tach. Case  
39001-B3U-110  US$29.70 + shipping

SYM Wolf Chromed Speedo. Case 39001-B3U-100  US$29.70 + shipping

5.  SYM Wolf Classic Brake Pedal and Footpeg Area Parts

 SYM Wolf Kickstart Arm Ass'y. 28300-B08-010   US$41.38 + shipping
 SYM Wolf Gearshift Spindle Ass'y.  US$33.11 + shipping

SYM Wolf 290 mm Brake Rotor
290 mm rotor  45121-S08-800 US$134.53 + Shipping

Note: Measure outside diameter of your existing rotor before ordering

1.  Headlight, Speedo Tach Area Parts
2.  Handlebar and Switch Area Parts
3.  Front Wheel and Disk Brake Area Parts
4.  Front Fork Area Parts
5.  Brake Pedal / Footpeg Area Parts

6.  Engine Bottom-End Area Parts

SYM Wolf Headlight Case
USS$43.46 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Chromed Steering Head Nut
90304-011-0002 US$5.68 each + Shipping
Washer that sits below nut (not pictured)
90503-011-000  US$0.42 each 

4.  SYM Wolf Classic Front Fork Area Parts

SYM Wolf Front Spoke Set

US$41.60 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Footpeg Bar 50610-B3U-000 US$42.74 + Shipping
SYM  Wolf Footpeg Rubbers 50661-B08-000  US$4.58 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Main Stand 50500-B3T-000  US$43.47 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Spring 50522-M69-000  US$3.10 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Spring Hook 50523-M69-000 US$3.10 +Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Distance Collar 50526-B04-000  US$11.37 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Main Stand Pivot Bolt 50526-M69-000 US$11.37 + shipping
SYM Wolf Self-Locking Pivot Bolt Nut  90306-M9Q-000 US$4.14 + shipping      

3.  SYM Wolf Classic Front Wheel & Disk Brake Area Parts


  7.  Engine Top-End Area Parts

  ​8.  Rear Wheel Area Parts
  9.  Fuel System Area Parts
10.  Body Panel Area Parts
11.  Electrical Area Parts

SYM Wolf Cables

Throttle Cables:

Stock throttle cable (for Wolf with clip-on bars)  17910-B3D-020 US$12.10 each + Shipping
+ 2" throttle cable
 17910-B12-010 US$12.10 each + Shipping

Clutch Cables:
Stock clutch cable (for Wolf with clip-on bars) 
22870-B3U-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
+2" (+50mm) clutch cable  
22870-B3D-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
+6" (150mm) clutch cable  22870-S07-000  US$13.20 each + Shipping
Other Cables:
Choke cable  17950-B2A-600 US$13.20 each + Shipping

Speedo Cable 44830-M47-000  US$12.21 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Oil Drain Plug with Washer  

92800-12000 Drain plug bolt 12 mm +94109-12000 Drain plug washer

US$4.18 each + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Left Handle Switch

35250-B3D-010      US$38.28 + Shipping

SYM WOLF Chromed Front Fender
6110A-B3D-000  US$118.99  + Shipping

1.  SYM Wolf Classic Headlight, Speedo, Tach, Front Signal Area Parts

SYM Wolf Clutch Kit
5 friction disks + 1 r.h.s. cover gasket   US$40.37 + Shipping 
SYM Wolf Friction Disk Set (5 pieces) 22201-107-000-A US$35.20 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf R. Crankcase Cover Gasket 11393-B04-001 US$5.17 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Front Signal Lights
Stock equipment on Taiwan Wolf. Fit all Wolf Classic bikes.  
Short stalk, clear lense and orange bulb.
33450-B4H-000 Left
33400-B4H-000 Right
US$36.21 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Brake Lever Rubber Cover  

53172-N09-000  US$2.75 + Shipping                 

Rubber Plugs for Hex Head Fork Screws
51426-B3D-000 US$2.59 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Brake Lever Bolt 
90114-166-0060   US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rubber Fork Boots
51445-B3U-000   US$15.52 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf LHS Rear Mirror

88120-B3U-000 US$60.16 +Shipping

SYM Wolf RHS Rear Mirror

88110-B3U-000 US$60.16 + Shipping

SYM Wolf R.H.S. Front Fork  
51400-B3D-000 US$206.95 + Shipping

SYM Wolf L.H.S. Front Fork  
51500-B3D-000  US$206.95 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Steering Stem
53200-N09-600-KB (BU282S) US$70.37 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Oil Screen
15421-B9D-000   US$4.18 + Shipping 

​​​SYM Wolf L.H.S. Crankcase Cover 11341-B3D-000 US$110.53 + Shipping
SYM Wolf L.H.S. Cover Flange Bolts 96001-06032-00 6x32  US$1.10 each
SYM Wolf L.H.S. Cover Flange Bolt 96001-06050-00 6x50  US$1.10
SYM Wolf  L.H.S. Cover Gasket 11395-S04-000  US$4.17 + shipping

SYM  Wolf Chromed Steel Front Rim  

US$71.40 + shipping

SYM Wolf Classic Grips
53166-N02-000 Left  US$6.60 + Shipping 
53140-N02-000 Right  US$7.94 + Shipping 
Set US$15.34 + Shipping  

SYM Wolf  Headlight Ear
Complete with top and bottom rubber bushings.
51606-B3D-0002 Left
51602-B3D-0002 Right.   
US$22.90 each + Shipping 

Note: Unlike N. American models, the Taiwan ears do not accept a reflector.  Most countries don't use those reflectors.

Ears: US$18.50 each + Shipping
Rubber Bushings: US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Ignition Switch Ass’y
35100-B3D-000 main switch US$42.35 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Main Switch Holder

50375-B3D-000  US$14.54 + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Right Handle Switch
35150-B3D-010      US$38.28 + Shipping

SYM  Wolf Clutch Lever

53190-B3U-000  US$18.62 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Clutch Lever Bolt
90136-107-720   US$2.20 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Classic Clutch Lever Rubber Cover 
53179-N01-000   US$2.75 + Shipping

We can supply just about any part your SYM Wolf Classic 125/150 will ever need--far too many to list on a website.  Tell us what you need and we'll get it to you.  Many parts are listed below. Contact cam@ to enquire about  pricing for parts not listed here and for shipping quotes.  

Note: Part numbers shown are standard SYM Taiwan part numbers.   

SYM Wolf Headlight Assy. (No case)
USS$90.02 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Brake Lever 
53175-B3D-000  US$13.44 each + Shipping


6.  SYM Wolf Engine Bottom-End Area Parts

SYM WOLF Headlight Unit 
(No case. Reflector, lense and chrome headlight rim only)

USS$54.32 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fork Seals 33 x 45 x 10
Be careful that you do not damage the thin, stock wire-spring retainer while removing your old seals.  Clean the area well before removing that retainer.
US$13.20 per pair + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Master Cylinder Assy. 
45500-B3D-000  US$137.63 + Shipping

To place an order or to request a quote with shipping  options and 

rates please use the CONTACT button or email:

SYM Wolf Rubber Plugs for Clip-on Bars Positioning Screws          53102-B3U-000   US$1.05 each + Shipping

SYM Wolf Stator 31120-B38-010  US$144.87 + Shipping
SYM Wolf  Stator Screws 93600-06014-OH (6x14mm)   US$0.83 each + shipping

53172-B3U-000   US$13.15 + Shipping

SYM Wolf  Clutch Lever Switch  

35330-S02-000  US$8.27 + shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Pedal US$28.22 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Stop Switch 35350-324-880  US$7.52 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Stop Switch Spring 35357-M69-000 US$1.42 + Shipping

SYM Wolf 240 mm Brake Rotor
240 mm rotor  45121-S08-800 US$124.17 each + Shipping
Note: Measure outside diameter of your existing rotor before ordering

SYM Wolf Front Disk Brake Pads
45105-M47-009-A  US$12.32 per set + Shipping

2.  SYM Wolf Classic Handlebar & Switch Area Parts

SYM WOLF DIPSTICK 1565A-B06-000  US$4.40 each + Shipping  

SYM Wolf Handlebar End Weights
These stock SYM 125/150 Wolf bar end weights each have a mass of 292 grams
 (10.3 oz.).  They are great for dressing up your handlebars and will fit inside any stock 7/8 inch motorcycle or scooter handlebars. 
53104-B3U-000  US$45.54 per pair + Shipping