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rates please use the CONTACT button or email: can supply just about any part your SYM Wolf Classic 125/150 will ever need--far too many to list on a website.  Tell us what you need and we'll get it to you.  Many parts are listed below. Contact cam@ to enquire about  pricing for parts not listed here and for shipping quotes.  

Note: Part numbers shown are standard SYM Taiwan part numbers.   ​


  7.  Top-End Area Parts

​  8.  Rear Wheel Area Parts

  9.  Fuel System Area Parts

10.  Body Panel Area Parts

11.  Exhaust Area Parts

12.  Electrical Parts


12.  SYM Wolf Classic Electrical Area Parts

SYM Wolf Chain Adjusters

4053A-B3D-000  &4054A-B3D-000    
US$10.00 per set + Shipping 

8.  SYM Wolf Classic  Rear Wheel Area Parts

SYM Wolf Left Handle Switch
35250-B3D-010      US$34.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fuel Tank Front Cushions

17611-B04-000 US$0.80 each + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Carburetor 16100-B3U-000  US$147.00 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Fuel Petcock Ass'y. 1695B-N14-0101 US$49.77 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Starter Relay Switch 

35850-S02-000 US$35.74  + Shipping 

These are our own, high quality, steel sprockets.  They are made for by a respected Taiwanese gear manufacturer.  They give you more options when changing your final drive gear ratio. 
(Std. gearing is 15T:41T)
Front sprockets: 14T, 15T, 16T or 17T USS$8.33 + Shipping  

Rear sprockets:  37T, 39T, 41T US$24.00 + Shipping   

​SYM Wolf Ignition Switch Ass’y
35100-B3D-000 main switch US$38.50 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Air Filter

17211-N21-010 US$4.50 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Sidecovers (that accept chrome insert) US$55.50 each + Shipping
Chrome Inserts for Above  US$5.64 each + Shipping

​Note: Taiwan Wolf Classic paint schemes and colour shades do not match USA paint schemes and colour shades

SYM Wolf Chrome Grab Rail for Seat

81200-B4H-000  US$60.32 + shipping


SYM Wolf Reg- Rec Comp. 

3160A-B38-000  US$77.14 + Shipping


​30400-B3T-000  US$58.32 + Shipping

SYM WOLF Chromed Rear Axle Nut
USS$3.29 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Shoes

4312A-B41-000  US$16.93 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Spoke Set  US$32.92 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Chromed Steel Rim  US$84.96 + Shipping.​​

SYM Wolf Fuel Tank  US$293.00 + Shipping.

Note: Taiwan Wolf Classic paint schemes and colour shades do not match USA paint schemes and colour shades

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve Bearing

TPI 6005-LLU-2A   US$10.44 + Shipping​​

9.  SYM Wolf Classic Fuel System Area Parts

​SYM Wolf Right Handle Switch
35150-B3D-010      US$34.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Starter Motor Ass'y.

35850-S02-000 US$149.00 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Exhaust Heat Shield 

Available in Silver or Black  -- must specify

18318-B3D-011  US$29.00 + Shipping

7.  SYM Wolf Classic Engine Top-End Area Parts


​1.  Headlight, Speedo Tach Area Parts
2.  Handlebar and Switch Area Parts
3.  Front Wheel and Disk Brake Area Parts
4.  Front Fork Area Parts
5.  Brake Pedal / Footpeg Area Parts

6.  SYM Wolf Engine Bottom End Area Parts 

11.  SYM Wolf Classic Exhaust Area Parts

SYM  Wolf Crankshaft Comp. 14100-B3D-030  US$332.73 + Shipping
SYM Wolf  Cylinder Ass'y.  12100-B8A-000  US$235.19 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Cylinder Gasket 12191-B25-000 US$2.00 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Cylinder Head Comp. 12200-B8B-000  US$291.62 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Camshaft (need Engine # for this) US$80.93 + Shipping
SYM Oil Passageway O-Ring 91301-200-000 10x1.6  US$0.50 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve 14721-B12-000 US$25.87 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Intake Valve 14711-B12-000 US$19.75 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve Guide 12206-B12-300 US$8.46 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve Guide O-Ring  (10x1.6) US$0.75 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Inner/Outer Valve Spring 1475A-324-000  US$14.71 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Inner Valve Spring Seat 14776-B08-000  US$0.16 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Stem Seal 12209-B12-000  US$5.64 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Spring Retainer 14771-B08-000  US$5.64 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Cotter 4781-107-003  US$11.28 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Flip-up Gas Cap with Keys 

17620-N02-010  US$61.18 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Ignition Coil
30500-B3T-000   US$35.75 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve Nut

90305-GW0-901-MT US$3.29 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Wheel Bearings

TPI 6202-LLU-2A  US$15.42 per pair + Shipping

High quality Japanese chain that is far less expensive than an O-ring chain. 
US$39.00 + Shipping  

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve

42303-B04-000  US$17.87 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Exhaust Gasket

18291-B3U-000  US$1.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fuel Level Ass'y.   US$39.85 + Shipping

10.  SYM Wolf Classic Body Panel Area Parts

The Wolf actually has three of these. Two are for the tappets and one is for the oil screen. 
US$3.90 each + Shipping