12.  SYM Wolf Classic Electrical Area Parts

SYM Wolf Chain Adjusters

4053A-B3D-000  &4054A-B3D-000    
US$10.00 per set + Shipping 

8.  SYM Wolf Classic  Rear Wheel Area Parts

SYM Wolf Left Handle Switch
35250-B3D-010      US$34.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fuel Tank Front Cushions

17611-B04-000 US$0.80 each + Shipping 

SYM Wolf Carburetor 16100-B3U-000  US$147.00 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Fuel Petcock Ass'y. 1695B-N14-0101 US$49.77 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Starter Relay Switch 

35850-S02-000 US$35.74  + Shipping 

These are our own, high quality, steel sprockets.  They are made for Scooterseals.com by a respected Taiwanese gear manufacturer.  They give you more options when changing your final drive gear ratio. 
(Std. gearing is 15T:41T)
Front sprockets: 14T, 15T, 16T or 17T USS$8.33 + Shipping  

Rear sprockets:  37T, 39T, 41T US$24.00 + Shipping   

​SYM Wolf Ignition Switch Ass’y
35100-B3D-000 main switch US$38.50 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Air Filter

17211-N21-010 US$4.50 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Sidecovers (that accept chrome insert) US$55.50 each + Shipping
Chrome Inserts for Above  US$5.64 each + Shipping

​Note: Taiwan Wolf Classic paint schemes and colour shades do not match USA paint schemes and colour shades

SYM Wolf Chrome Grab Rail for Seat

81200-B4H-000  US$60.32 + shipping


SYM Wolf Reg- Rec Comp. 

3160A-B38-000  US$77.14 + Shipping


​30400-B3T-000  US$58.32 + Shipping

SYM WOLF Chromed Rear Axle Nut
USS$3.29 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Brake Shoes

4312A-B41-000  US$16.93 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Spoke Set  US$32.92 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Chromed Steel Rim  US$84.96 + Shipping.​​

SYM Wolf Fuel Tank  US$293.00 + Shipping.

Note: Taiwan Wolf Classic paint schemes and colour shades do not match USA paint schemes and colour shades

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve Bearing

TPI 6005-LLU-2A   US$10.44 + Shipping​​

9.  SYM Wolf Classic Fuel System Area Parts

​SYM Wolf Right Handle Switch
35150-B3D-010      US$34.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Starter Motor Ass'y.

35850-S02-000 US$149.00 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Exhaust Heat Shield 

Available in Silver or Black  -- must specify

18318-B3D-011  US$29.00 + Shipping

7.  SYM Wolf Classic Engine Top-End Area Parts


​1.  Headlight, Speedo Tach Area Parts
2.  Handlebar and Switch Area Parts
3.  Front Wheel and Disk Brake Area Parts
4.  Front Fork Area Parts
5.  Brake Pedal / Footpeg Area Parts

6.  SYM Wolf Engine Bottom End Area Parts 

11.  SYM Wolf Classic Exhaust Area Parts

SYM  Wolf Crankshaft Comp. 14100-B3D-030  US$332.73 + Shipping
SYM Wolf  Cylinder Ass'y.  12100-B8A-000  US$235.19 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Cylinder Gasket 12191-B25-000 US$2.00 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Cylinder Head Comp. 12200-B8B-000  US$291.62 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Camshaft (need Engine # for this) US$80.93 + Shipping
SYM Oil Passageway O-Ring 91301-200-000 10x1.6  US$0.50 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve 14721-B12-000 US$25.87 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Intake Valve 14711-B12-000 US$19.75 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve Guide 12206-B12-300 US$8.46 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Exhaust Valve Guide O-Ring  (10x1.6) US$0.75 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Inner/Outer Valve Spring 1475A-324-000  US$14.71 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Inner Valve Spring Seat 14776-B08-000  US$0.16 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Stem Seal 12209-B12-000  US$5.64 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Spring Retainer 14771-B08-000  US$5.64 + Shipping
SYM Wolf Valve Cotter 4781-107-003  US$11.28 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Flip-up Gas Cap with Keys 

17620-N02-010  US$61.18 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Ignition Coil
30500-B3T-000   US$35.75 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve Nut

90305-GW0-901-MT US$3.29 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Rear Wheel Bearings

TPI 6202-LLU-2A  US$15.42 per pair + Shipping

High quality Japanese chain that is far less expensive than an O-ring chain. 
US$39.00 + Shipping  

SYM Wolf Rear Axle Sleeve

42303-B04-000  US$17.87 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Exhaust Gasket

18291-B3U-000  US$1.80 + Shipping

SYM Wolf Fuel Level Ass'y.   US$39.85 + Shipping

10.  SYM Wolf Classic Body Panel Area Parts

The Wolf actually has three of these. Two are for the tappets and one is for the oil screen. 
US$3.90 each + Shipping  

To place an order or to request a quote with shipping  options and 

rates please use the CONTACT button or email: cam@scooterseals.com

Scooterseals.com can supply just about any part your SYM Wolf Classic 125/150 will ever need--far too many to list on a website.  Tell us what you need and we'll get it to you.  Many parts are listed below. Contact cam@ scooterseals.com to enquire about  pricing for parts not listed here and for shipping quotes.  

Note: Part numbers shown are standard SYM Taiwan part numbers.   ​


  7.  Top-End Area Parts

​  8.  Rear Wheel Area Parts

  9.  Fuel System Area Parts

10.  Body Panel Area Parts

11.  Exhaust Area Parts

12.  Electrical Parts