SYM Symba Air Filter 17211-M51-010  US$6.50 + Shipping.

SYM Symba Carburetor  16100-MKA-000   US$165.00 +  Shipping

SYM Symba Fuel Tank   17500-MKA-010   US$65.85 + Shipping

SYM Symba Swing Arm (Rr. Fork Comp)  5210A-MKA-000 US$138.47 + Shipping

SYM Symba Swing Arm Nut 10mm   90305-X01-000     US$1.59 + Shipping

SYM Symba Drive Chain Packing   40591-041-000   US$0.75 + Shipping   

SYM Symba Front Brake Cable

45450-MMA-000 US$14.11 + Shipping

22100-M36-010  US$ $128.90  + Shipping

Oct. 12, 2016

Good News! The SYMBA is back (in Taiwan, anyhow).

I saw a brand new EFI Wowow (SYMBA) here in Hsinchu a few evenings ago and looked into the situation yesterday.  I can now get SYMBA parts again and will keep the SYMBA sections up on my website.


​​​SYM Symba Left Crankcase Sprocket Cover Case

11361-MKA-000  US$25.42 + Shipping

SYM Symba Sidecover LHS   8360G-MKK-000QG    US$42.33 + Shipping

SYM Symba Sidecover Screw LHS (Long)   83650-MKK-000   US$3.00 + Shipping

SYM Symba Sidecover RHS    8350G-MKK-000QG    US$42.33 + Shipping

SYM Symba Sidecover Screw RHS (Short) 83550-MKK-000   US$3.00 + Shipping

Note:  Yes, that pink sticker is easily removable!

SYM Symba R.H.S. Crank Case Cover  11330-MKA-000 US$131.70 + Shipping

​SYM Symba Kickstart Lever   28300-M3B-010  US$52.68 + shipping

2.  SYM Symba Front Wheel and Front Fork Area.

5.  SYM Symba Engine Top-End Area Parts

SYM Symba Mirror  LHS   88120-A7A-000 LHS  US$$37.62 + Shipping

Sym Symba Mirror RHS    88110-A7A-000 US$$37.62 + Shipping

SYM Symba Footpeg Rubbers 
50661-GN8-920  US$4.16 each + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Brake Actuating Arm  

45410-X04-000 US$6.00  + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Wheel Bearings (6300TZ/2A) 

96120-63000-10  US$8.22 each + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Wheel Dust Seal (27 x 40 x 6)
90753-029-003 US$2,09 + Shipping

SYM Symba Cylinder Head (no valves, etc.) 

8609-12-1014   US$263.40 + Shipping

SYM Symba Head Gasket  12251-M3B-000   US8.48 + Shipping

​SYM Symba Oil O-ring    91304-M3F-000 11 x 2.3 mm   US$0.98 + Shipping

SYM Symba Intake Valve  14711-M8Q-000  US$15.33 + Shipping

​SYM Symba Exhaust Valve  14721-M8Q-000   US$27.75 + Shipping

SYM Symba Exhaust Gasket 18291-M9Q-000   US$2.19 + Shipping

8.  SYM Symba Body Panel Area Parts

SYM Symba Cylinder   12101-M3G-000   US$132.17 + Shipping

​SYM Symba Cylinder 12191-M3B-000 Base Gasket  US$2.19 + Shipping

4.  SYM Symba Engine Bottom End Area Parts

6.  SYM Symba Rear Wheel Area Parts

SYM Symba Piston   13101-M36-000    US$47.03 + Shipping

SYM Symba Piston Ring Set   13010-M92-000  US$21.63 + Shipping

SYM Symba Piston Pin   13111-M9Q-000  US$5.00 + Shipping

SYM Piston Clip Set (2 at 15mm)   94601-15000   US$1.04 + Shipping

SYM Symba Combination Switch & Steering Lock Ass'y.
35100-MKK-000   US$56.44  + Shipping

SYM Symba Final Driven Flange   42610-K31-000  US$19.57 +  Shipping

Note: Bolts, etc. are not included

SYM Symba Driven Flange Brg.  (6203TZ/2A)   96120-62030-10   US$8.93 + Shipping

SYM Symba Driven Flange Oil Seal  ( 27 x 40 x 6)   90753-029-003   US$2.18 + Shipping       

SYM Symba Ignition Coil Ass'y.    3051A-H9A-000   US$33.86 + Shipping 

SYM Symba Stator Comp.     31120-M36-900   US$89.37 + Shipping                    

SYM Symba Front Fender A Ass'y.

6110A-MKK-000  US$75.81 + Shipping

SYM Symba LHS Front Fork Ass'y.   51500-MKD-000    US$125.95  + Shipping

SYM Symba RHS Front Fork Ass'y.   51500-MKD-000    US$125.95  + Shipping

Note: Forks com with rubber fork boots 

3.  SYM Symba Brake Pedal and Footpeg Area Parts

SYM Symba Footpeg Bar

50610-MKA-000 US39.95 + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Brake Lever  53175-F3C-000 US$8.15 + Shipping

SYM Symba Brake Lever Bolt   90117-TDF-000  US$3.00 + Shipping
Nut for above 94001-05070-0S   US$0.17 + Shipping

SYM Symba Solo Seat  77100-MKK-000 US$51.74

SYM Symba Steering Handle Comp. 53100-MKK-000 US$75.25 + Shipping

SYM Symba Hande Post Comp.  53110-MKK-000 US$32.10 + Shipping 

SYM Symba Steering Stem  53200-MKA-000   US$141.11 + Shipping   

SYM Symba Grips--Black or Brown  US12.00 per set + Shipping

SYM Symba Rear Sprocket Tongued Washers    94108-11000        US$1.03 each + Shipping
SYM Symba Rear Sprocket Nuts   94030-08000        US$0.56 each + Shipping
SYM Symba Rear Sprocket Bolts   90128-X01-000    US$0.75 each + Shipping

SYM Symba Rear Hub Dampers Set

(4 pieces)   41241-X01-000-A RR.  US$9.50 + Shipping


SYM Symba Rear Brake Pedal Comp.  46500-MKA-000   US$27.84 + Shipping

SYM Symba Rear Brake Rod     43451-MKA-000  US$4.11 + Shipping

SYM Symba Kickstart Lever   28300-M3B-010   US$52.68 + Shipping

SYM Symba Heel/Toe Shifter   24700-MKA-000 gear shifter US$20.91 + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Signal LHS  33650-MKK-000  US$28.00 + Shipping

SYM Symba Front Signal RHS  33600-MKK-000 US$28.00 + Shipping

Note: Chromed case, clear lense, orange bulb

7.  SYM Symba Fuel System Area Parts

SYM Symba Metric Speedometer  37200-MKK-000  US$135.00 + Shipping

Note: MPH speedos not available here --KMH only

SYM Symba Speedo Cable   44830-M51-010 US$10.00 + Shipping

9.  SYM Symba Electrical Area Parts


SYM Symba Rear Axle   42301-MKA-000   US$10.34 + Shipping

SYM Symba Rear Axle Nut  (U12mm)    42301-MKA-000   US$3.20 + Shipping

SYM Symba Rear Wheel Bearings (6301/2A)   96100-63010-10  US$8.22 + Shipping
SYM Symba Rear Wheel Seal(20 x 37 x 7)   91254-X15-000   US$2.03 + Shipping

SYM Symba Sprocket Set 36T (Std.)    41200-A13-000   US$43.00 + Shipping
SYM Symba Axle Adjusters  US$10.00 per set + Shipping

Note: SYM does not chrome plate these adjuster anymore.  They come in an anodized bronze colour

To place an order or to request a quote with shipping  options and 

rates please use the CONTACT button or email:

SYM Symba Clutch Overhaul Kit  US$49.30 + Shipping
RHS Gasket 11394-MBB-000    US$3.20 + Shipping
Friction Disk A  22201-M51-000-A 
(1 set of 2 pcs - internal tabs) US$18.82 + Shipping 
Friction Disk B  
 22331-M51-000-A (1 set of 2 pcs - external tabs) US$27.28 + Shipping

SYM SYMBA front Brake Shoe Set 

43212A-B4A-000 US$20.69 + Shipping

1.  SYM Symba Handlebar Area Parts

SYM Symba Petcock   16950-M9Q-000 US$15.48 + Shipping  

SYM Symba Crankshaft Ass'y.  

13000-M3B-0104    US$214.71 + Shipping

SYM Symba Shifting forks
Left Shift Fork 24221-M36-001-H1   US$30.00 + Shipping
Right Shift Fork  24211-M36-002-H1  US$30.00 + Shipping