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SYM HD200 CDI  30410-HHA-000  
USS$66.47 + Shipping


SYM HD200 Tappet Cover Gasket  12362-H9A-003  

US$2.44 + Shipping

SYM HD200 Right Hand Side Crankcase Cover Gasket  11394-H9A-000  

US$4.92+ Shipping

SYM HD200 Mechanical Seal (for water pump) 19217-H9A-300    \

US$14.56 + Shipping

The HD200   is an ‘export-only’ bike.  It has never been sold in Taiwan and original SYM parts are generally unavailable for it here.  It does share a few parts with some SYM bikes here though and the following HD200 parts are the only ones readily available  in Taiwan.